Partner Development Platform

The Problem Area

The client is the corporate venture arm of a multinational professional services company. They are looking to invest in growth-stage startups to encourage open innovation with their current clients. They have a large directory of startups from all over the world with tons of information, and a growing number of personnel working on building relationships with these startups. There are not currently any standardized procedures or tools for any of their personnel to follow/use.

The Process

With this project, we started with a very short initial discovery period by speaking with the stakeholders and conducting interviews with a few SMEs. From there, we jumped right into designing concepts and testing them with users over multiple sessions.

As we collected feedback, we continued to make adjustments to the concept and increase fidelity before conducting our final rounds of testing. We then shifted gear into developing high-fidelity prototypes and assets for the development team’s consumption.

*For the privacy of my client, I have refrained from sharing the full details & deliverables.

The Solution

The solution for this project was very well received by many of the users and stakeholders as we built something that was beyond their ask. In addition to housing all the collection of startup data and presenting it in a consumable manner, we also developed features to collaborate and track their progress in a pursuit.