Supplier Onboarding

Supplier Onboarding

The client is a natural & organic food distributor with more than 15 distribution centers across North America. They currently work with thousands of vendors and are onboarding roughly 50 new ones every month. The current onboarding process involves a great deal of back and forth which causes the average lead time to fall somewhere between 15-17 weeks. The fact that most of the onboarding  documents are conventionally printed and filled, slows the process down even more.

The Process

In our early discussions about the onboarding process, we involved the legal team to understand the forms and the information captured on them. We also worked with the onboarding executives to breakdown the 15-17 week lead time and discover the challenges throughout the process.

We designed and tested the concept over multiple rounds to improve general usability, but also the messaging used to help users understand the contents of the forms they were signing.

The Solution

In an attempt to completely digitize the process, we explored existing solutions in the market and built the solution to work in tandem with other supplementary software.