Forget Me Pot

Consulting for Proznitz Solutions

Proznitz solutions is a small alpha stage startup in the Greater Chicago Area. We consulted with the client on Product Development and Marketing Strategy for a product that we named the “Forget Me Pot”.

The Process and Solution

After meeting the client for the first time, we wrote proposal to define the project scope that was reviewed and approved later. Then we proceeded to collect primary and secondary research related to the proposed product. During this time, we visited multiple florists, garden centers, and DIY stores to speak to professionals and shoppers. After collecting our data, we analyzed the information and took into consideration the types of people we spoke to. We then took our low-fi prototype to our client and some other users to test before finally presenting it to him.

Our solution included a Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Strategy for the proposed product. Additionally, we guided the client through Key Next Steps to launch his crowd-funding campaign.

*For the privacy of my client, this information is redacted. If you are interested in learning more about this project please contact me.