CEMEX – Make Cement Interesting

POLE - Cemex

POLE is a comprehensive learning platform that cooperates with a number of international universities. It brings students, young professionals, and educators together to solve a problem. Our sponsor was CEMEX, a global leader in the building materials industry, specifically the R&D department based in Switzerland. 

Construction projects have long and complicated processes. They also involve various parties and different technologies for each of the different parties involved.

The Problem & Process

At the project kick-off, CEMEX provided us a plethora of information and had a very general problem definition. After a few weeks of user research and discussions with the client, we redefined the problem scope and target users. From there, we moved into the ideation phase where we utilized mood boards, site maps, and wireframes to build out our solution. Before moving into the development of our final prototype, we tested our assumptions with some of the target users and made the corresponding adjustments. Our solution was then presented to the R&D Director and his team in their research facility in Switzerland.

*For the privacy of my client, I have refrained from sharing my team’s full deliverables. If you are interested in learning more about this project please contact me.

The Solution

We built a software tool for CEMEX that incorporated their current employee management kit, and new customer-facing IOT technologies. Our solution also allowed users to manage and communicate throughout different phases of a construction project.