Over my summer internship with Microsoft, I was given the opportunity to organize the first ever DigiGirlz in Malaysia with the intern team. Our 6-7 week planning time frame, was challenging and tiresome to say the least. However, it was a great stretch project to work on, and I couldn’t have loved a team more. We had a rough start and ran into many walls during the first few weeks, but we pulled through and everything fell right into place in time for the August 12th event date.

The last couple of days before the event were a blur, and all I remember was worrying about getting every detail right, as I’m sure the rest of the team was as well. Barely getting any sleep that night, we all turned up by 7am on event day to put the finishing touches to the room and get ready for the students. Before we knew it, it was 9AM and the room was buzzing with conversation. I can’t express the exhilaration of kicking off an event that you’ve spent weeks planning.

The day started off a little quiet because I’m guessing it was way too early on a Saturday to be awake, but as we progressed through the day, we could feel the air changing and you could see the students coming out of their shells slowly. Our panel was, no doubt, a favorite for many as they were so inspiring to hear from (I still can’t believe we got such an amazing line up – Aireen Omar; Dr. Loredana; Koay Yi Lin; Nadira Yusoff). By the time we got to lunch, everyone was getting to know each other at the device bar and trying to win prizes. Come time for the coding session, I was literally blown away. These students have never once coded before, nor did they even know what that meant, but within minutes, they were coding Python. When the day was coming to an end, I felt a stitch of sadness but really, a sense of fulfillment. We closed the event with a room full of students who were hyped up about STEM, and wanting to speak to & take pictures with the team.

DigiGirlz Malaysia was a huge success, in turnout and in the feedback that we received. It’s an unbelievable experience getting to know, and helping 130 students learn and experience science & tech as it is today with Microsoft – definitely a highlight of my internship and a lifelong memory in my books.