oo Malaysian for this Cold

I’m too Malaysian for this Cold

November 24, 2014 admin 0 Comments

It’s that time of the year again that the leaves are no longer turning red and falling, because they’re pretty much all gone already – the cold came early this year and evidently, so did the snow. I remember when I got accepted to Drake, something I was really looking forward to, but was also really concerned about was the snow. It’s pretty normal for a Malaysian to have never experienced snow before since we basically have sun and rain all year round, and the only exciting thing that happens with the weather is the occasional hailstorm.

In my first semester at Drake, in Fall 2012, I spent Thanksgiving in Minnesota with some friends and it snowed on me before I got to buy my winter jacket! So I pretty much spent a whole night in the snowy weather with my jeans and hoodie – a bittersweet memory. Thankfully enough, I was so excited for the snow, the cold didn’t kill me!

Winter + malaysian


This year, Thanksgiving was still more than a week away but Des Moines decided it was time to invite the snow over. Other than the snow and the cold weather, adjusting culturally and physically wasn’t actually something I had problems with. The only other things that took a while to get used to were driving on the other side of the road and maybe writing dates in a different order. In fact, the first time I really felt homesick after I got here was when I literally fell sick and I was missing my mum and grandparents that would usually try “baby” me back to health 😛

After being here for slightly over 2 years now, the only thing I can’t seem to get used to is the cold. However, I’ve heard from a bunch of Des Moines-bred people that you never really do get used to the cold, so I supposed I’m not doing too bad for my third winter 🙂 Thankfully, it got warmer over this past weekend, but looking at the weather forecast, it doesn’t look like we’ll be having anymore nice warm weekends till winter is over. So anyway, everyone have a great Thanksgiving break and stay warm! (unless you like being cold, then enjoy this weather :P)

Too Malaysian for this Cold


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