• Project name :Energy Effeciency
  • Category :School Project /Consulting /Design
  • Client :Franklin Energy
  • Complete date :May 2018
  • Skills :Business Strategy, UX Design

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*Important: To respect the privacy of my client, I have refrained from sharing my team’s full deliverables. If you’re curious to find out more about this project, please contact me directly


Franklin Energy is a national company which implements energy efficiency (EE) programs for gas and electric utilities. They design, market and deliver these programs by working directly with end consumers. Their customer sector is made up of Small Businesses, Multi-family buildings, and Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings.


Redacted - Our team defined the multi-family sector to be our focus. This sector comprised of various key players in the market, namely the resident(s), landlords, property managers, contractors, vendors and distributors who are all affected by their EE program.


We spent some time at the beginning of this project defining the problem area, and doing user interviews to understand individual perceptions on EE programs, and energy in general. Almost a third of the way through the project, we pivoted from our initial problem scope (which was to improve EE by residents) to improve landlord and property manager adoption of EE programs. More in-depth research was conducted with our key stakeholders before we moved into the ideation phase where we generated multiple ideas that incorporated new technologies outside the clients current portfolio. A prototype was then created and tested before presenting the final solution to the client.


Redacted - We presented the client with a tool that allowed them to build, culture and maintain relationships their customers. It incorporated IOT technology, and also created convenience for the key users.