• Project name :Custom Sharepoint Forms
  • Category :Consulting /Design
  • Client :n/a
  • Complete date :April 2019
  • Skills :Business Analysis, UX Design

*Important: To respect the privacy of my client, I have refrained from sharing my team’s full deliverables. If you’re curious to find out more about this project, please contact me directly


Redacted - The client is interested in building custom forms for their Sharepoint platform. Their current forms are long and are made from out-of-the-box Sharepoint functionality. The business owners want to improve the user experience of these forms because they are a very critical step in their employees day-to-day tasks.


With the old forms already set up, we used that as our basis for the new design; most fields were to remain the same as required by the business requirements with some exceptions. Due to the nature of the business and the form at hand, the design of the form was mostly business driven. Because of that, wireframes were used as part of the design process to prompt the business and product owners to demonstrate and ask user-centered questions.


Redacted - The form was split out into smaller groups of related information, and some smart logic was built into the backend of the form to prevent user error, and also to guide users through the many form fields.