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Over my summer internship with Microsoft, I was given the opportunity to organize the first ever DigiGirlz in Malaysia with the intern team. Our 6-7 week planning time frame, was challenging and tiresome

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April this year has really started off incredibly for me. Over the past two weekends, I attended two hackathons; one in Chicago and one in Dallas. They were both a little different but definitely great in

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I love food. I know this can probably be said of everyone, but I think I actually do consider myself a real foodie. I like eating food, I like cooking food, I like

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It's been a few months since I've moved to Chicago and started Grad School at IIT, and I recently had the most wonderful opportunity to attend the ThinkChicago 2015 event in conjunction with

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Well, it's been 4 months since officially graduating and I finally have some time to catch my breath and write a new blog post. Finishing college is a big deal. After four years

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It's that time of the year again that the leaves are no longer turning red and falling, because they're pretty much all gone already - the cold came early this year and evidently, so did

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Web development and design has always been an interest of mine. In fact, I was considering a computer science major after high school. However, since I decided to go the business route, I never

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We ALL have some experience with social media (well, at least if you're online reading this blog post you do). Most of the people I know, myself included, spend a good portion of our day on

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As usual when it comes to my turn to introduce myself, the same creeping thought always finds it's way back into my head; "Well poop. I don't have a nice, long, interesting name